Lifestyle Trek (Story)

Lifestyle Trek is your wellness journey. Forget mental roadblocks – your goals are limitless. Push past physical challenges – your potential is as unbridled as the great outdoors. Making an impact on this planet starts by making an impact on yourself. And it begins by taking action! Your Lifestyle Trek journey starts at your “before” state… your “who I am right now” and guides you on a health & wellness adventure to who you were meant to be… and beyond.

We aren’t just about fitness or food. Lifestyle Trek is what it says – a lifestyle. Of course, there is exercise and nutrition… but success includes attitude, motivation, mindset, and commitment. When you have a healthy body, an unconquerable mindset, and an attitude of fulfillment, it will positively touch those around you, and pass your positivity to your family, your peers, and generations to come.

Our Mission

Lifestyle Trek believes an impactful life is a life worth living, and we will guide you through your journey step-by-step, hand-in-hand, one small success at a time. Our proven systems and unorthodox programs drive extraordinary results through an extraordinary delivery.


Our OutdoorBody fitness program takes you on an incredible journey through our National Parks, offering breathtaking 4K 30-minute training videos in some of the most scenic locations imaginable. The OutdoorBody coaches will provide personalized attention and guidance to customize your journey.


The Ultimate Man coaching program is a 6-week bootcamp specifically designed for men yearning for a deeper understanding of themselves and wanting a significant transformation to themselves and their personal ecosystem that will drive personal and professional success.


Our LEAN28 is a best-in-class 28-day detox to reboot your metabolism, initiate the shedding of excess fat and cultivate the lifestyle changes that allow you to develop your leanest body through lasting and proven effective habits.

What We Do

Lifestyle Trek is not really about telling you what to do but teaching you how to do it. Our goal is to help you develop your own healthy lifestyle without giving up the things you love. We know it’s hard… but we know it works. We also know that pushing yourself beyond your current limits is virtually impossible alone. You need community, guidance, encouragement, motivation, and proven systems. Lifestyle Trek covers all those bases and will take you on a journey to places, both physical and mental, you never thought attainable. Stop letting your past define you. Stop letting your limitations restrict you. Stop thinking “I wish” and start knowing “I can!”


Lifestyle Trek was developed by noted celebrity trainer, peak performance coach and fitness expert Tommy Cassano. After many years transforming his own life from clinically obese to insanely fit, and more than a decade of transforming men’s and women’s lives in the health & fitness industry, he molded his personal and professional life experiences into what is now the Lifestyle Trek systems. He understands that everyone’s personal wellness path is unique and designed his systems to empower each individual to seek, cultivate and travel an equally unique fitness journey. Each person has the potential to become their best self, and Lifestyle Trek is the roadmap that allows each person to map his or her own, unique, and personal, success story. Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, we can help you navigate the landscape and find your way.


Tommy has travelled the world filming captivating workout videos in breathtaking locations, trained professional athletes & celebrities, and coached countless wellness programs. His wealth of experiences, scope of knowledge and immense passion have created a truly results-driven system. His journey created Lifestyle Trek. Your journey is just getting started.

We’re here. We’re passionate. We’re motivated. We’re ready. Are you?