7 Safety Tips For Jogging Strollers

We know that exercising with a jogging stroller can be a great way for mums to get some exericse with their baby. But we don’t want any accidents, here are some safety tips for  joggers strollers.

1) Walk Or Drive To The Park

Don’t run with a stroller when there are cars about. I read recently 1 terrible story about a mum whose jogging stroller was hit by a truck as she was running on a road. Tragically the child died.

Keep the running to the park or other safe areas where there is not heavy traffic. It will be more enjoyable there too.

2) Don’t do it if your child is too young.


Generally jogging with a baby is not recommended if the child is below six months because the bumping and moving can be dangerous for the baby.

However, if your stroller has a car seat adapter that will protect your baby’s head and neck and if you run more slowly on even surfaces then you might be ok.

Use your judgement and don’t take risks.



3) Make Sure The Front Wheel Is In The Fixed Position

To stop you from falling or having an accident, use a stroller with a fixed front wheel.

If your jogging stroller has a swivel front wheel check if it can be locked in a fixed position. If you are moving fast with a swivel wheel it can abruptly change direction from a bump in the road and cause you to lose control.

4) Make Sure Your Kid Can’t Escape

IMG_5006-1024x682We know young kids can be a bit silly sometimes and if they are not strapped in with a safety belt they might try to climb out even when you are moving.

Even worse they could lean out and get their fingers trapped in moving wheels. All strollers will come with a safety belt to make sure that won’t happen… JUST MAKE SURE YOU USE IT.


5) Don’t Let The Stroller Get Out Of Control

On steel hills gravity can pull your stroller away from you, don’t let go. For extra safetly use a wrist strap to tether then stroller to you.

Don’t go so fast that you the stoller takes on a mind of it’s own.

6) Slow Down A Little

If you are pushing a stroller you can’t go as fast as you normally run without one. Accept this and remember that because you are pushing a stroller you will burn calories from that and work different muscules. Expect some sore legs the first few times.

7) Dress Correctly

Of course you will be warmer than your child because you are running. If it’s a cold day make sure your child is well wrapped up because he or she will feel colder than you do. If it’s a hot day make sure that they are not too warm and protected from the sun using the strollers shade and/or sunscreen. If it’s very hot or very cold don’t go out for too long.

The Bottom Line & Bonus Tip

I don’t want you to think that jogging with a stroller is some kind of dangerous activity. It really isn’t but it’s always best to be prepared and to take sensible precautions. Accidents can happen even something as simple as turning over on your ankle could be a problem if you are far from home. So keep your cell phone with you in case of emergency. Most of all have fun and enjoy your runs.

Take care





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