5 Classy Minimalist Barefoot Dress Shoes For Work

barefoot-dress-shoes-for-workMaybe like me you've embraced the natural running lifestyle... you have gone native and spend your weekends running wild through the jungle (or the local park), at one with mother nature wearing your funky Vibrams.

You think maybe you might be turning into Grok (your ancient primative ancestor) and you don't care... in fact you love it! All is well apart from one problem... The weekend always comes to an end and you wake up in your man-cave on monday morning needing to get back to reality. And your boss doesn't give a monkey's banana who Grok is!

You need to look smart for work! What can you do? Don't worry Heidi has got this one covered. I've searched high and low for the best minimalist barefoot dress shoes for work. Ok Kevin, let's get you suited and booted for work!

5 Barefoot Minimalist Dress Shoes For Women

In this day and age our cavewomen don't get to just stay back at the cave building fires and washing our sheepskin underpants, you need to get out to work too and you need something that's going to look good in the office.

Now sorry ladies you are probably not going to find something that you can wear to a cocktail party and I'm I'm totally honest unless your workplace is pretty casual you might struggle for work - and that's before I get into style issues.

That said I've done my best to find some barefoot minimalist dress shoes that you might be able to wear in the workplace.

Merrell Women’s Barefoot Life Zest Glove

These little leather numbers look a little like slippers, they come in 5 different colors


Vivobarefoot Women’s Jing Jing Shoe

Again they've got that slipper look, and I don't think Cinderella will be too jealous.


Merrell Women’s Barefoot Wonder Glove Mary Jane – Nothing that’s going to really set your world on fire.


Merrell Women’s Barefoot Delight Glove Wool – More of the same.

More of the same.


Vivobarefoot Women’s Nancy Shoe – I don’t even know how to describe these.


5 Barefoot Minimalist Dress Shoes For Men

When it comes to minimalist dress shoes there are really only 2 main players. VivoBarefoot and Merrell.

Vivobarefoot Men’s RA Shoe – Wow these actually look like work shoes. They are leather and lace up and they have a 3mm sole meaning they are definately a minimalist shoe.


Vivobarefoot Men’s Gobi Shoe A caveman disguised as a businessman said one reviewer, these are also lace up shoes and pretty smart. Would look good with a casual suit.


Vivobarefoot Men’s Dharma Shoe Nifty slip on shoes in black or brown leather from VivoBarefoot. For the relaxed working caveman.


Merrell Men’s Barefoot Reach Glove These are a casual shoe, but I include them here because they look like a shoe and not like frog feet. My architect would look good in these so if you are a cave builder.


Vivobarefoot Men’s Saddle Shoe Likewise with these broad numbers. They have a very wide sole so you might look like a well dressed clown but check them out if that doesn’t bother you.



There are a few options that allow you to continue your barefoot lifestyle in the workplace too. I think for a man in a casual work environment there are some half decent options but for us women that love our shoes there are not many options to choose from, then again we were never going to get barefoot high heels!  

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