Our Jogging Stroller Fitness Program – Run With Baby

Running with a jogging stroller can be great for families. It keeps you active and gets you out of the house at a time in your life when you may be overwhelmed by responsibility.

We believe that having kids and a healthy lifestyle can go together. That’s why we created Run With Baby a jogging stroller fitness program designed to help you go from post pregnancy to the best shape of your life.

Run With Baby helps you:buynowrunwithbaby

  • Look Good!

  • Be healthy

  • Feel good

  • Have fun!

Think of it like a couch to to 5k program but pushing a stroller and having a ton of fun at the same time.

As a mom, we understand it can be a challenge. Recuperating from the delivery, losing the baby weight, perhaps dealing with the post-natal blues – and all while looking after a brand new baby.

It is difficult, but the start of your family doesn’t mean you can forget about your fitness. In fact it’s probably now more important than ever.

The top benefits of getting out there with a jogging stroller are outlined below.

For Beauty

We all like to look our best and every woman dreams to look pretty and be in shape even after childbirth. Run With Baby helps moms to get fit and look stunning in any time of life.

Of course if you have a baby it can be harder to visit gyms or find the time to go to fitness lessons. And all the new demands on your time mean it’s hard to keep up with the beauty routine.

The Run With Baby program shows you how to combine exercise for you and entertainment for your child. It helps you burn calories, lose excess weight and get back to your glowing self.

For Health and Fitness

Taking beauty aside, you need to be healthy especially if you are a young parent. Your child is going to need you for many years to come and you need to start looking after yourself.

Jogging is one of the best forms of exercise. You can do it right out your front door at any time that suits you.

Most people know that jogging is a form of cardio and it helps to strengthen all the muscles of your body.

When you jog all muscle groups are working. It also helps to strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

So jogging is very much a multipurpose activity – not only great for losing weight and making you beautiful but also for making you strong and healthy and more able to cope with the demands of being a parent.

For Mental Wellbeing

Jogging  with your baby brings moms a sense of peace, strength and confidence, this is especially vital during the crazy years of early motherhood.

It helps to leave behind all bad thoughts and routine problems, to feel free and to get a great energy charge.

With a suitable set of wheels you can take your kids with you, so you don’t need to worry about leaving them. You can get your jog during the day or anytime it works for your family’s schedule and you don’t need to arrange childcare.

Also I think if you do some stetches and exercises in front of your stroller after your jog your child will have so much fun watching mommy (or daddy), especially if your child is old enough to repeat after you in funny way of course. It brings smiles positive energy and good emotions.

For Funhitthepark

So we have beauty, health, mental well-being and finally we want to talk about fun.

Most people love the park and the kids love it too. Simply getting outdoors, seeing the sights and breathing the fresh air is very enjoyable. With Run With Baby you will love the time you spend in the park and it will become a haven from the stresses of daily life.

Getting in touch with nature and being active are things that allow your baby to grow and develop normally and it’s great for you too!

Final Thoughts

If you have a good jogging stroller your baby will feel very comfortable in it and will enjoy ride. Some babies like to nap in stroller, some to eat, some like the thrill of a fast ride.

These all are possible when you jog with your baby. It’s getting more and more popular to jog with baby strollers now so you can participate in different competition and running events for moms if you like that kind of thing.

However if you are the type of person that likes clear instructions and a plan to follow then our Run With Baby Fitness Program will help keep you motivated and accountable. Sometimes we all need a helping hand.


# What’s Included:runwithbabybook

  • The eBook (pdf and ePub)
  • The Audiobook (Read by Heidi)
  • Printable worksheets
  • Lifetime access to the Run With Baby Members forum










Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many questions so we thought we’d write the answers to some of the most common ones here.

What age is it safe to start jogging with a baby?

This depends on how hard and fast your are jogging and over what terrain.  LiveStrong doesn’t recommend jogging with a stroller until the child is at least 8 months old while the stroller manufacturers generally recommend 6 months. The important thing is whether your child has the strength and control of their neck muscles to avoid any injury through bouncing around.

What brand of jogging stroller do you recommend?

You can get fit using any brand of jogging stroller. The one thing that we do recommend is to purchase of jogging stroller with a front wheel that can be fixed in place. This will keep the stroller more stable and less prone to crashing. You can check our guide to the best jogging strollers at this page. If you require a double jogging stroller we wrote some information on this blog post and if you are crazy enough to think about running with a triple jogging stroller then you can find some options here

How Many Calories Are Burned Using A Jogging Stroller?

 The good news is it’s more than you usually do! We think it could be as much as 50% more than jogging without pushing a stroller. The bad news is it’s nowhere near as much as you would like. If you are trying to lose weight you get most of your results through your diet so concentrate on that first.


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