Tommy Cassano is your dedicated personal trainer. Mother Nature is your gym. Success is your inspiration. Lifestyle Trek is the leading provider of highly effective, nature-based, results-driven fitness programs. Work out as little or as much as you want, anytime, anywhere, in stunning 4K Ultra HD, on any connected screen – from some of the most awe-inspiring, scenically motivating, simply breathtaking national park settings from coast to coast.

From 10-minute beginner’s workouts to advanced, multi-layered challenges, Lifestyle Trek is a new system of in-home, out-of-the-ordinary experiences to get you fit.

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Lifestyle Trek trainers are highly qualified, nationally certified, individually motivated personal trainers who are as inspired by nature as you will be. They are committed to your journey and dedicated to your results. Think of them as your travelling companions on your personal journey to fitness success.


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Passion is meant to be shared, so don’t just journey with Lifestyle Trek – wear it. Branded Lifestyle Trek workout gear tells the world you’re serious about your workout and you’re partnering with Mother Nature to get there. Don’t just perspire… be inspired by the great outdoors.


Hi. I’m Tommy Cassano

Fitness is hard but nature is the ultimate inspiration. I founded Lifestyle Trek to share my fitness journey with the world and show how the geographic glory of our National Parks and the boundless beauty of Mother Nature can help you reach your personal fitness and lifestyle goals.

I used to be you. I know what it feels like to be overweight, underconfident, lethargic, unfit and in need of help. Fifteen years ago, my doctor told me I was “clinically obese!” It hurt. It sucked. But he was right. I was 235 lbs., way too much body fat and far too little motivation. But his words stung – and as I walked out of his office, I vowed that I would never hear those words again. Never again feel that hurt, that helpless, that helpless. I committed myself – then and there – to getting and staying super-healthy, becoming a fat-loss and healthy living expert, and transforming myself into an “UltraHuman” in both body and mind.

Lifestyle Trek is the culmination of my life’s work, and the continuation of my life’s journey. It is the launching pad for my life-changing programs, including OutdoorBody, Lean28, Ultimate Man, and other still in development. We provide programs for the body, accountability for the mind, and inspiration for the soul. Fitness is hard. But together, we can accomplish anything. I am living proof my programs work… so I have only one question for you. Are you ready to get your journey started?

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The Lifestyle Trek Blog is more than news. It’s updates, trends, ideas, knowledge, and of course, inspiration. Check it frequently – find out what others are saying, and perhaps inspire where you may want to go next.


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