How Many Calories Are Burned Jogging With A Stroller?

I received an email last week from Oksana and she asked me… “Dear Heidi, Do you know how many calories are burned jogging with a stroller? I need to find out for my boss.”

Well, it’s an interesting question Oksana and while I’m not a scientist I use my extensive research skills (i.e. I googled it) to try to find an answer for you. Here is what I dug up:


The one statistic that I found is that you will burn about 125 calories for a 10 minute mile pushing a 60 lb stroller.

My checked out how many calories someone that was 125 lbs running a 10 minute mile (6 mph) would burn without a stroller and found it would be around 85 calories.

So using my maths skills I worked out that that that is an extra 40 calories for 10 minutes jogging. If you are 125 lbs that is.

If you are out or for longer runs that could really add up, in 1 hour it would be an extra 240 calories compared to running without a stroller.

For every pound of bodyweight above 125 lbs add an extra 3 calories per 10 minutes. And likewise subtract if you are under 125 lbs.

These calculations are just a rule of thumb and are far from scientfic but it’s the best information I could find.

It seems that you could burn as much as 50% more calories by running with a stoller than without, that would make sense to me as it is a lot more hard work pushing a stroller.

Oksana I hope this answers your question and gives you something to keep your boss happy.

Remember the faster you run the more calories you will burn. Tell your boss to move his or her ass!

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If any moms out there have a heart rate monitor and want to do some testing to calculate calories burning jogging with a stroller then please get in touch with me.

In the meantime, don’t sweat the statistics too much, just get out there and well… sweat 😉 It’s really healthy believe me! It’s a lot better for you than sitting staring at computer screens trying to work out calories burned.

Go! Go! Let’s Go Baby Go!


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