The Best Triple Jogging Stroller – Heidi’s 5 Hour Hunt

UPDATE – 14/10/2014

It seems that manufacturers are not catering for the triple jogging stroller market. The only option I could find as of today is the BeBeLove. Hopefully some other manufacturers will get involved and create something for people who need a triple jogging stroller. If and when that happens I will rewrite this page in full.

Wow! I just spent the last 5 hours trying to find info on what is the best triple jogging stroller and I need to say it was no easy task.

Unsurprisingly triple jogging strollers are not as common as singles and doubles so I had to look further afield than the usual manufacturers.

I do know some mums want to run with 3 so I did find you some options, here they come…

1) BeBeLove USA Green Triple Jogging Stroller

BeBeLove USA Green Triple Jogging Stroller

The BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller looks like an excellent product for the price.

Even though it can hold 3 kids It’s quite lightweight.  It’s got a steel frame, reclining seats and retractable canopy with detachable sun visor. Also there’s a large space for under seat storage and back seat pockets which is ideal if u are going out for a long walk or jogging, because you can carry all your water bottle and anything else you need in there.

BeBeLove provide you with both hand brakes and a foot brake to help you keep it under control. All wheels are fixed and have air tires and there is a five point safety harness so you can be sure your babies are safe and secure during movement. It is suitable for children that are 6 months and older.

  • Overall dimensions : 55 inches length x 43inches height x 39inches width.
  • Seat dimensions : 17 inches high x 11 inches wide x 10 inches deep.
  • The weight of stroller – 57 pounds.
  • Each seat carrying capacity is 50 pounds.

Made by BeBeLove.

Buyer Beware:

  • When it’s fully opened it won’t fit through a regular door frame because it’s a triple jogging stroller and wider than usual.
  • The canopy can fly back if you are out in strong winds.
  • The front wheels are fixed.


2) Blue and Black Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy




Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller looks like a dream for the whole family. Although it is rather big it’s not very heavy and surprisingly easy to put together and you according to reviews won’t need even need to read the instructions to get it ready to go.

This stroller has a super strong aluminum alloy frame making it really lightweight and quite practical. It easily folds up and each seat can be reclined individually or together. Also this stroller comes with an adjustable rain canopy with window, a large basket under seats and you’ll get a free matching carry bag for all the stuff you’ll need on your journey.

For the safety of your kids while on the road the stroller has a safety harness with removable rubber arm bumper. On top of that the braking system is said to be uncomplicated and reliable as mentioned in customer reviews.

For the ride comfort there is a foot rest for all three children. The unlike the BeBeLove the front wheels in the stroller are not all fixed and turn easily which will make it more manuverable. If you prefer you you can lock the wheels or let them rotate through 360 Degrees.

This triple jogging stroller folds down easily to a compact size so u can fit it in your car or hide in the closet without too many problems.

  • Folded dimensions : 42 inches length x 42inches height x 19inches width.
  • Seat dimensions : 16inches high x 10.5inches wide x 7.5inches deep.
  • The weight limit – 200Pounds
  • The weight of stroller – 45 pounds.

Buyer Beware:

  • Again when it’s fully opened it won’t fit through a normal door frame.

3) Red and Black Triple Trio Tandem Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy


Triple Trio Tandem

I just love how this stroller looks! It’s like your driving a minibus!

The Triple Trio Tandem Baby Jogger Stroller is make by the same company but this time seats two infants in the back and one in front.

It comes with all everything you need and requires only some quick set up to make it ready to use. – by all accounts any reasonably handy person will be able to do it.

The kids footrests are adjustable too for comfort. Thanks to it’s aluminum frame it’s really not very heavy at all and at only 40 pounds it’s the lightest of the three strollers.

The wheels of the stroller have pneumatic tires and front wheels are not fixed allowing them to turn 360 Degrees easily.

In terms of safety the stroller has decent braking system and a 5 point safety harness and removable padded arm bar so all the kids are looked after.

Again the stroller has large storage basket underneath, useful for carrying all needed stuff but if you’re like me you’ll want to watch the weight to make it easier to run.

Again with this triple jogging stroller you will get an adjustable rain canopy with window and free matching carry bag.

  • Overall dimensions: 48inches length x 33inches height x 41inches width.
  • Seat dimensions: 17inches high x 10.5inches wide x 7inches deep.
  • The weight of stroller – 40 pounds.
  • The weight limit – 200 pounds.

Buyer Beware:

  • The size of the seats are too small for toddlers and will suits babies better.

Summing Up

Well I finally found some options so if you are looking for a good triple jogging stroller I hope this page is not a bad place to start.

I will say that just because you can fit 3 kids into a stroller doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go running with all 3 kids. It really depends on the age and weight of your kids. Triple jogging strollers are perhaps better for younger children.

Phew that was hard work! I’m off to bed!


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