Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews 2016

When you think about it, a double jogging stroller is a pretty niche product.

A double jogging stroller is a stroller designed for mums (and dads) that like to go jogging that also have 2 children close together in age.

Jogging strollers are not the same as regular everyday strollers and making a double puts even more design demands on the manufacturers. The best double jogging stroller will handle the difference in weight between 2 children and remain balanced. You don’t want to topple over and crash!

Thankfully some manufacturers have risen to the challenge and created some really good products to help you and your family get out and enjoy some exercise together.

I’ve taken the time to review the best double jogging strollers, pointing out the pros and cons, to help you pick out the right one for you.

Before we get into the double jogging stroller reviews in detail, here is a quick table of the contenders:

Best Double Jogging Stroller Contenders

Because prices change all the time I have included a key for pricing:

$ = Less than $250, $$ = Between $250 and $400 and $$$ = Greater than $400

PhotoProductAmazon RatingCost
Baby Jogger POD Chassis
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BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
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BOB Ironman Duallie
Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews
Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger
Click Here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews
Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller
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Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller
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BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller
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InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller
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Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews

Okay let’s get into a little more detail. The strollers below are ranked in order of amazon rating. I believe in the wisdom of the crowd and if lots of people think it’s good… well then it’s probably good! Keep in mind though that a particular stroller might a have a feature that is important to you but not as important to everyone else as much.

1) Baby Jogger POD Chassis

Baby Jogger POD Chassis

Maybe it’s a little strange to start this list with the Baby Jogger POD Chassis, because this funky little carriage isn’t technically a jogging stroller. In fact it’s difficult to say exactly what it is…

The POD itself has 2 wheels and a bench inside that seats 2 children. You then need an additional kit to change the front wheels depending on what task you need the the stroller for.

There is The Stroller Kit – 2 smaller wheels for everyday use.
Baby Jogger POD Chassis Specifications

The Trailer Kit – For attaching to bicycles.

And The Jogging Kit – A large single front wheel to convert into a jogging stroller.

The Pod is easy to operate and you can convert to different kits without needing any tools. It also folds down nicely for transportation and storage.

Watch Out

The kits are not included and you’ll need to spend more money to purchase them.

2) BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller


At lot of people love Bob Strollers, even Batman (aka Ben Affleck) loves Bob Strollers and every knows Batman loves his gadgets. \o/Ben Affleck Spends The Afternoon With His Favorite Girls!

Actually if you look at the black version of the Bob Revolution, it’s a sleek design and very high tech looking.

The first thing to point out is that it has a lockable swivelling front wheel. What this means is that this is a Bob’s idea of a dual purpose stroller. They want you to be able to use the Revolution in everyday use around town but also be able to lock the front wheel in place for chasing after bad guys or jogging in the park. (ok i’m taking the Batman thing too far).

BOB Revolution SE Duallie StrollerThe Bob Revolution is an expensive stroller and the quality shows. It’s very highly spoken of and in general mums and dads love the way it handles and the safety features and adjustment and storage options.

Watch Out

The one thing to bear in mind is that this is not a lightweight stroller. So while it’s swivel wheel helps for everyday use it’s still a heavy beast. It’s main purpose is for jogging and for occasional use around town.

3) BOB Ironman Duallie

The Ironman of course is a series of long distance triathlon races involving a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.2-mile run.BOB Ironman Duallie

If you’d never heard of the Ironman before then I’m going to jump right in and say that maybe the Ironman duallie is not the stroller for you.

That’s because the Ironman is the best double jogging stroller for people that are committed to their training.

In contrast to the Revolution is has a fixed front wheel design. This stroller is jogging with and jogging alone. It would be a nightmare to try to maneuver it around the mall.

It has got great shock absorption which is really needed if you are running at speed on uneven surfaces.

Watch Out

You might need to remove the front wheel to fit it in your car.

4) Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

Let’s be honest here for a moment. The Schwinn brand doesn’t have the same style factor as say the Bob strollers so if it’s important to you to have the best stroller brand in the park and make all the other mums and dads jealous then Schwinn isn’t the one for you.

On the other hand, if you like strollers that are well made, with great features, built to last a long time that don’t cost a fortune then you should definitely take a closer look at the Schwinn Turismo.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

With all strollers the bigger the wheels the easier it will be to push it. The Schwinn Turismo has nice big chunky wheels, an aluminium frame, suspensions springs as well as an mp3 system for in stroller entertainment.

For a decent double stroller that won’t break the bank the Schwinn is a good choice.

Watch Out

As with lots of double strollers you might find it hard getting through doorways. That’s fine in the park but where will you store it? Or will you need to fold it down to get in and out of your own front door?

5) Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller

You might know Baby Trend from their excellent car seats but Baby Trend also make a double jogging stroller at the lower end of the price spectrum.

The Expedition has a swivel front wheel that can be locked for when you are jogging. I also really love the big foot rest which will make things more comfortable for older children.

Watch Out

Again watch out for those narrow door frames. Some people complain that the front wheel is too wobbly.



6) Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger – Double

Schwinn also make a fixed wheel design called the Arrow. It’s generally a well liked cheaper alternative to the more expensive jogging stroller brands. Some reviewers even prefer the Schwinn over BOB strollers that are more than double the price!

Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger - Double

The Arrow appears to be a well constructed durable stroller, nothing fancy just designed to go the job it was intended for which is this case is for jogging and training.

Schwinn have been making bicycles for over 100 years and they put the same quality of workmanship into their strollers.

Watch Out

The sunscreen doesn’t always provide enough shade for your kids.

7) BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller

The BOB Sport Utility is very specialised. It’s billed as an off-road stroller.

Look at the photo and you’ll quickly notice the thick treaded tyres that are designed to stop you sliding in the mud and on trail paths.BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller, Orange

Yes the BOB Sport is a serious stroller for serious athletes and of course that’s reflected in the price.

The front wheel is fixed. This stroller is for exercise and exercise alone. You’ll need another everyday stroller for normal use.

Reviews for this stroller are mixed but on closer inspection you find that people who bought it for off road jogging love it and the people who don’t like it bought it as a general purpose stroller by mistake.

If you love getting out into nature and off the paved paths then this could be the stroller for you.

Watch Out

There are no cup holders for the kids.

8) InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller

Now… here we have something different.
InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller

The InStep is a tandem design meaning it’s the same width as a regular stroller and getting through doors is less of a problem.

It has a swivel front wheel that can be locked for light jogging.

This is a budget everyday stroller that can be used for occasional jogging. It’s not for serious training.

Watch Out

To tell the truth this stroller is not loved. 3.0 on amazon is a low score with lots of dissatisfied customers. It’s only recommended if you MUST have a tandem design.




So What’s The Best Double Jogging Stroller?

I hope that if you’re read this far you’ll understand that the best double jogging stroller really depends on how you intend to use it.

For versatility get a POD from Baby Jogger, for serious athletes get an Ironman and if you are Batman get a BOB Revolution in black of course!






Thanks so much for sharing!

Here is the link with all the correct boxes ticked to find the best discounts. Happy shopping and I hope you find the right stroller.


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