Mom’s Barefoot Running Book – Run With Nature


Run With Nature helps you:

  • Strengthen your muscles!

  • Stay injury free

  • Run without pain

  • Have fun!

Many people are intimidated by switching to barefoot running. They read scary stories about people that have picked up injuries from barefoot running and medical experts that advise against running naturally.

In our barefoot running book we outline a transition plan for people who want to change to a more natural form of running. We are not burn with running shoes on our feet!

In particular our advice is tailor towards moms since this course was developed from moms fitness private coaching.

The top benefits of barefoot running are outlined below.









# What’s Included:

  • The eBook (pdf and ePub)
  • The Audiobook (Read by Heidi)
  • Printable worksheets
  • Lifetime access to the Run With Nature Members forum

















Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoes Can I Wear For Work?

We have created a list of the best options for over at this page though there are not many great choices. You just need to do the best you can do.

What Do You Wear For Hiking?

When you are hiking you really need to protect the soles of your feet from rocks. There are specialist barefoot hiking shoes that are make for this we blogged about it recently in you are interested.

What About The Kids?

For young babies and toddlers we recommend taking your children with you by using a jogging stroller. If your kids are that little bit older you can get them involved in the fun, if need be there are even footwear options for kids to look into.